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  1. i had been a child in those issues(child labour)
    my name is tarzina and i had to work for my family because we where to poor and my frineds dad had died for feeding his kids which left him to die from hunger.
    so i didnt want to be in my frineds position so i told my dad that i wanted to work in the factory because we were in hunger also.
    so my dad told me that he will sign me up for the factory so when i went on my first day i got punished for playing with the bisciut dough when i was suppose to brush the dough which they sent me in a manhole to stay there for my punishment i couldnt see a thing and that was boring and i was crying too.
    then after we work we only recived 25cents for 8 hours which was alot more than going to school.
    but then thats how i suffered from child labour now i moved to canada because i was sponsered by (me to we)from beaumonde heights junior middle school so i thank them for letting me and my village live.or else we would of been dead by now.
    i worked at the age of 9 now im 19 and im proud of staying away from child labour.
    my name is tarzina bains and i was suffered by child labour
    thank u.

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